Luminus Biosciences

Transform Pharmaceutics to be Safer and More Effective

Revolutionary Drug Treatment

Transforming Drugs to Be Less Toxic and More Effective

Austin Biosciences’ innovative and patented nanotechnology drug delivery platform increases safety by removing toxic solubilizers associated with most chemotherapy formulations of poorly water-soluble molecules. By doing this, Austin Biosciences is also able to improve efficacy by increasing the dose and or reducing drug resistance by incorporating additional sensitizer molecules into its multidrug capable solid nanoparticles.

Our Mission

Our mission

Translate disruptive technology into innovative therapies that heal people with devastating diseases.

Our Vision

Our Technology

Enables the accelerated development and commercialization of rational combinations of poorly water-soluble drug molecules.

Intellectual Property

Our Platform & Products

Our studies suggest that the impact of our technology could be a game changer in transforming the most prevalent issues associated with today’s cancer therapies.

At Austin Biosciences we are united in the belief that we can accelerate the cure for cancer and other devastating diseases. We are confident that together all things are possible.