Luminus Biosciences

Making Our Vision a Reality

Innovative Nanotech for Better Drug Delivery

Austin Biosciences has developed a proprietary technology, Lipid-Albumin Stabilized Solid Nanoparticles (LASSN™), that leverages nanotechnology to improve the delivery of drugs. The technology eliminates the use of toxic solvents and carriers, leading to a reduction in side effects. The resulting drug nanoparticles are more effective and bioavailable when administered through IV infusion or oral dosing.

In addition to its main focus, Austin Biosciences is also developing ophthalmic suspensions and emulsions through ANDA and NDA regulatory pathways. The company holds the US patent for its LASSN™ platform and produces a stable, water-based nanoparticle suspension of average size 100 nanometers or less for up to 5 days at 25°C.